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Casa Mirador

Casa Mirador

Starting from a steep terrain on the slopes of Calvià, the idea was to make a house that would take full advantage of the wonderful views over the bay that this location had.

The land had a great unevenness and the proposal asked for a complete house with gym, parking, swimming pool and a separate floor for guests.

Following these premises, we proposed a dynamic architectural project that would always seek the best possible view and a terrace on each of its floors.

We were not afraid to work with the structure because it gave a better orientation and a benefit for the project.

As the access from the street was from the upper floor, the most public rooms such as the living room, kitchen and dining room were on this floor, while the bedrooms were on the lower floor and in the semi-basement the guest area, with an inner courtyard that forms the stairwell to make it bright and an entrance to the house apart so there is no need to disturb the hosts.